We know that moving home can be one of the most stressful times in your lives, but with our expertise and years of experience we are confident that we can help and support you all the way and relieve much of the stress.  The information supplied is imperative to the service we provide you, the more information you provide the easier we can plan for your move without delays or extra expenses.  Our quotes are based on the information you have provided us and as such if there are any changes after our quote has been supplied, please let us know as soon as possible.  We cannot accept responsibility for not loading your items in a safe way if we don’t have the information correct when you book, we have vehicle weight limit to adhere to.

If we are also providing our packing service for you, we will supply all the relevant packing materials and boxes.  We are happy to leave the standard packing boxes with you to unpack and keep or dispose of at your own leisure.

The amount of boxes you require, and the costs involved, are listed on your quote and based purely on the information you have provided.  Please note that our team are unable to assist with any packing upon arrival without prior arrangement.  If you are experiencing difficulties, please give us a call before moving day and we will do our utmost to provide a solution and an additional quote with the extra costs payable.

For quotes charged by the hour, this charge starts from the moment the driver arrives at the property address.  If the job is out of Brighton and Hove, we charge from when we leave the city limits.  Fuel is a chargeable item on fixed prices outside of Brighton & Hove but included within the hourly charge for local moves.

For man and van service we will provide one man and one van, minimum of two-hour charge.  Should you want a heavy item moved such as washing machine, wardrobes, fridges you need to provide someone at both points to help carry or we can arrange for another person at an additional cost.

If your property has a loft all items need to be removed ready for removals on the day unless prior agreement has been made, due to health and safety we may require extra staff to adhere to these.

All washing machines, cookers and fridges are to be disconnected and freezer defrosted prior to the move, or we are unable to move these.

You are required to dismantle and furniture that is unable to be carried complete downstairs or through doorways safety.

We will require parking on the day of the move outside the collection and delivery property.  It needs to be as close to the doors as possible if we are going to be parked more than 30m away this must be mentioned at the time of booking or addition charges may apply for not including this in the original quote.  Should we receive a parking ticket for not being able to park correctly on the day these charges will be passed onto the customer.  If you need to restrict parking bays, please contact the local council to arrange.

A deposit of 10% due on booking This can be paid by BACs payment and for any fixed price quote full payment is due 48 hours before the move any additional charges accorded will be notified to you on the day and invoiced after the move. Interest at 2% per month calculated on a daily basis, is charged on all overdue accounts

Should you need to cancel or amend your booking we will do are upmost to help and support in this, however should we arrive to a no show on a man and van job, we will charge two hours as it is down to the customer to cancel in advance. Deposits are non-refundable, should you cancel 14 days before there are no further charges, 7 days before half the invoice is due, 48 hours before the full invoice is due. 

The following items are specifically excluded from the Contract and will not be removed:

Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of a similar kind.

Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items.

Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infection.

Any animals and their cages or tanks including pets, birds or fish.

Such goods will not be removed by us except without prior written agreement. If you submit such goods without our knowledge and prior written agreement, we will not be liable for any loss or damage except when death or injury is caused by our negligence or that of our employees and you will indemnify us against any charges, expenses, damages or penalties claimed against us by third parties.


Customer’s responsibility

It is your sole responsibility to:

Have access to the new property by 3pm (£65 an hour waiting time after 3pm) part hours are charged as whole hours.

Declare to us the proper value of the goods being removed and/or stored.

Obtain at your expense all documents necessary for the removal to be completed.

Be present yourself or appoint a representative at the departure and destination points to ensure that nothing is removed or left in error.

Prepare adequately and stabilise all appliances prior to their removal. Other then by reason of our negligence we will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from these matters.

Ownership of the goods


By entering into this contract, you confirm to us that:

The goods to be removed are your own property or You have the authority of the owner of the property to make this contract in respect of the goods to be removed or stored. You will be responsible to pay for any claim for damages and/or costs against either of the above if this proves to be untrue.

Our quotation is not a guarantee that we have vehicles available on the day you require. Accordingly, your signed acceptance of our quotation does not constitute a contract between us until you have our confirmation that we can move your goods on the requested date.

Please be advised that in the event of any unnotified changes, to the work being carried out, upon our arrival there will be additional charges.  Below you will find common, but not restricted to, additional charges.  All amounts shown below are before VAT

Whole agreement

If key exchange does not happen by 5pm on the removal day after we have loaded, then we will arrange storage for your goods at your cost. We will then reorganise you’re re delivery at the same cost to you of the original booked move. 

These Terms and Conditions together with our quotation are intended to form the whole agreement between us and to prevail over any verbal discussions. Should we mutually agree to any variation of these terms such variation should be confirmed in writing.



This contract is subject to the laws of England and Wales.


Additional Goods/items 

Starting price £10 up to a maximum of £25 per item dependent on the size and weight and space on the lorry


Extra Packing

Starting price £2.50 up to a maximum of £6.50 per box depending on size weight and space on the lorry


Delays to loading or unloading outside the agreed time

£65 per hour or a one off wavier charge of £100

Access Restrictions – Extra carrying distances over 30m, lifts not accessible, parking restrictions, window removals (by others but resulting in extra time required) and width restrictions

Starting price £65 up to a maximum of £250 dependent on the extra time required