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Moving house can be very tiring and requires a lot of hard work and patience. You can free yourself from all the pain and tension by hiring our professional moving and packing service. We are a reliable moving home company that takes very good care of your personal belongings Anytime Removals is a London based Company providing local and nationwide moving services. Being well known removal experts we organize and plan your removal in an effective manner. We have well trained and proficient workers for the moving jobs.

Moving House

Whenever you are moving house, we are just a call away. We can help in the packing all of your belongings if you chose and delivering them to your new house carefully and in the best condition. Call us to tell us your needs and we will make the quickest effort to fulfil them all. We offer free moving house advice. Our specialists provide effective and best tips on moving house and how our service can effectively cater to all your needs. We tell you whether you need a van or truck service to move your stuff in one go so that you don't have to pay anything extra. The moving advice provided by us is totally free of charge.

Our expert and swift services have made us popular and top choice in London. We offer services such as moving house, business removal, household relocation, man and van hire, packing and unpacking service, packing materials, packaging, and removal boxes for domestic removal.




Packing Service

Anytime Removals staff are fully trained professionals packing and unpacking can be included in your quote at your request. Correct wrapping and packaging ensures maximum protection during your removal. We also offer valet unpacking at an additional cost which includes the unpacking and setting up of your home. Port-a-robes are supplied for the hanging of your clothes. Your clothes arrive at your destination crease free and ready to hang straight into your wardrobe. Anytime Removals can pack all your items (excluding clothes, personal items and valuables) or selected items such as breakables and family treasures.

We are always available at your service. Contact us anytime for a free quote or free moving advice.


Hints and Tips if Packing Your Self

Below are some great ideas if you are packing your belongings yourself.

  • Start well in advance of your moving day.
  • Do not pack cartons so they are too heavy to move.
  • Pack heavy items in heavy duty smaller cartons and lighter items in standard size cartons.
  • Clearly mark the room destination on top and on at least one side of each carton (eg: Pat - Bedroom 1).
  • Make sure no items protrude above the level of the packed carton.
  • It is best to use butchers paper not newspaper.
  • Make sure cartons are full. Use crushed paper to top up cartons if necessary.
  • Do not pack ammunition, chemicals or flammables.


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